Born in 1996 in Łódź, Poland. A graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in the studio of prof. Jarosław Bauć. Works mainly in the medium of painting and screenprinting. Participant of many individual and collective exhibitions throughout the country. Multiple scholarship holder of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
I paint fully abstract pictures, not representative, mostly focusing on a single color. The forms I build with the help of color are synthetic, they contain only the necessary visual effects that enhance the effect of color. I create images guided only by my own undefined optical sensitivity. I want to get a visual impression that will be touching in some way. The picture is supposed to intrigue me, I don't want to fully understand it. My painting does not tell a story, it is an impression. I do not use traditional painting techniques, I do not leave any traces of meaning. When I pour out the paint, I play by chance, which allows me to find things that I would not discover on my own and transform them into my own language.
Selected exhibitions:

Nominated for Strabag Artaward International 2022 - Austria, Vienna
"Praktyka widzenia" – Karrot Kawa i Kultura, Warszawa, Poland. individual exhibition.
I Biennale Malarstwa „Lubelska Wiosna” - Centrum Spotkania Kultur, Lublin, Poland, group exhibition.
"ART’EM ALL" - Plenum, Gdańsk, Poland, group exhibition.
"Morris" - Elektryków, Gdańsk, Poland, individual exhibition.
"Krawędź" - Strefa Inspiracji, Gdańsk, Poland, individual exhibition.
"Prolog 2" - WL4, Gdańsk, Poland, group exhibition.
"Zakończenie rezydencji kościelnej" - Dawna Kaplica Ewangelicka, Gdańsk, Poland, individual exhibition.
"Z jednego miejsca. Rzeczy nasze" - GAK Stacja Orunia, Gdańsk, Poland, group exhibition.
"Funicular Zone – Malarstwo" - Dom kultury 502, Łódź, Poland, individual exhibition.
"Sprawy bieżące/Current Affairs" - Zbrojownia Sztuki, Gdańsk, Poland, group exhibition.
"Bardzo młode malarstwo 2" - Gdańskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sztuki, Gdańsk, Poland, group exhibition.